I give sporadically seminars, lectures or presentations on the topics you can find on my website. The audience comes from both the public and private sector, NGOs, foundations and science, intelligence and SOF. Particularly my scientific lectures have taken me beyond Europe to Australia, South Korea or Hong Kong. I am always interested in exciting topics.

I operate a steadily increasing, searchable database (persons, incidents, documents), which is offline and encrypted. Beside this I work with my private old school archive and an international network of contacts. I maintain an extensive library on intelligence, terrorism and extremism and corresponding specialist literature. On request, this can be used for research projects. I also provide assistance to media and study projects concerning topics such as intelligence, proliferation or political and military risks.

Since years I participate in peer review procedures and I mostly enjoy it. The topics are espionage and all aspects of intelligence, counterintelligence, proliferation, illegal procurement networks, North Korea and generally clandestine networks - no matter if state sponsored or from the extremist, terrorist or organised crime sector.

All inquiries please via my email address.