About me

I am a political scientist and analyst, whose research focus is on international state and non-state intelligence structures. My areas of expertise are North Korean and Chinese espionage activities, their intelligence agencies, these countries international clandestine networks, and their use of front companies, especially related to proliferation. I also look into the activities of non-state actors in the Dark Web, especially focused on the trade of conventional and non-conventional weapons and material, mercenaries, contract killing („hitmen“) and espionage.

My other research interest is the current development of organised crime groups. In that context, I have examined -among others- North Korean interests and the involvement of their elite structures.

I hold a diploma in administrative law as well as a diploma in political science. My doctoral dissertation examined counterintelligence and espionage activities of non-state actors, such as terrorist groups, religious cults and outlaw motorcycle gangs. I am the editor of East Asian Intelligence and Organised Crime (2015). Among other journals and newspapers, I write for Jane’s Intelligence Review and Intelligence Online. In 2016 I published a series about North Korean intelligence activities for NK PRO.